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URA is jointly created by the core experts of the international blockchain and it is very popular!

发布时间:2021/06/30 要闻 浏览次数:478

United Recycle Area (URA for short) is a universal, robust, and fully functional distributed technology framework implemented by the Singapore Starbase team through continuous technological innovation and invention, to meet the requirements of supporting the safe and stable operation of URA with  a  high-performance  technical architecture.


The Starbase team consists of core international blockchain experts, a technical team that masters the underlying system technology to various business developments. Each core member is composed of the technical architecture of various large financial institutions and financial business experts from world-class financial investment banks. As a technical team with a composite background, leading technical strength and rich blockchain implementation experience, the Starbase team has carried out


multiple rounds of POC (proof of concept) and functional realization of the URA credit ecosystem. At the same time, the realization of URA A sufficient technical foundation has also been accumulated. In addition, the team has participated in the implementation of a number of domestic and foreign benchmark blockchain projects, including the successful practices of multiple blockchain projects based on identity chains and digital asset platforms.


URA expands the blockchain through point-to-point storage and communication to realize a world computer that can be used as an operating system and deployment environment for decentralized applications. URA’s mission is to shape the future toward a self-sovereign global society and permissionless open market by providing a scalable infrastructure for the decentralized Internet.

URA has its unique privacy features, such as anonymous browsing,


undeniable storage, untraceable messaging, and a file representation format that does not reveal metadata. URA responds to the growing demand for network security. The built-in incentives seek to optimize the allocation of bandwidth and storage resources and enable the swarm to be




DISC (Block Distributed Immutable Storage) is the underlying storage model of URA. It is composed of nodes that collaboratively store and serve data. Assuming that each node pursues the strategy of maximizing the profits of its operators, the behavior of the entire network achieves the following emergency attributes: privacy protection and permissionless upload and download, strong defense to prevent or change the right Content access, automatic expansion as demand increases, integrity-protected content, and finally forgotten content that


is no longer relevant to preservation. As a node operator and participating in the operation of optical discs, anyone with spare storage and bandwidth capacity can be rewarded. When the staff installs and runs the URA client software, they will create a new node and become a part of the network, mainly responsible for a department of URA global hard drives.

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